Atelier/Galerie Michael Ferner

In the middle of town, in the middle of things. In 2014, the Ferner Gallery and Art Studio is moving to the art district, secure in the arches of quiet Bergstraße. A modern cube with a picturesque backyard, nestled between historic façades. Bright surfaces. Cool warmth. Silent strength. Unobtrusive and special at the same time. And as always at Ferner's places of art, a colourful and creative neighborhood spirit and love of life is kindled. Between a bookshop and theatre and opposite a hospitality and media agency is the ideal place for Michael to forge his work in a timeless present. A new start. Living in the here and now. From horizon to horizon.

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Gallery M. Ferner

Bergstraße 11A
5020 Salzburg

Tel. +43 664 3500 899

Opening hours:
MI & DO 14–18 Uhr
FR 10–18 Uhr
SA 10–14 Uhr
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Mobil +43 664 3500 899

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